Gladys Morante

Gladys Morante was born in 1963 in Peru. Her Father was a professional jockey. His obsessive involvement with horses caused a lot of problems and stress in the family and Gladys grew to resent horses as a child. That changed when she met a portrait painter of horses with whom she developed a strong friendship and began an apprenticeship under. Her new mentor immediately recognized the fourteen year olds unusual talent and encouraged her to join the School of Arts where she graduated with honors.

Painting horses is Gladys Morante’s life work. She approaches the subject with a deep sense of reverence and respect. Using an abstract style of painting, Morante captures the magnificence, power and grace of the animals while balancing a blend of intense emotion, tenderness and love.

Gladys Morante’s paintings have been featured in several exhibits in North and South America including the United States Embassy, the Embassy of Spain, the Russian Cultural Institute and El Museo de la Nación (Museum of the Nation, Lima Peru).


The daughter of a professional jockey and because of her fathers absolute dedication to horses, she held contempt to anything related. This conflict was sufficiently intense to threaten even the state of her father’s marriage. However, at the age of 14 her attitude completely reversed and the horse became the center of her life. She attempted to pursue a career as a jockey but to no avail. Later following a interests in arts, took on the position as a artist apprentice


Escuela Nacional Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes del Peru – Study of Arts, graduated with honors.