"The process of making a strong piece of art is an inspiration. I love making art. The fun is in the doing."
-Brian Davis
              Brian Davis                     
Limited Editions
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White Lilies In Soho
24 x 30

White Rose Garden
30 x 48

White Lilies In Soho
24 x 30

White and Magenta Orchids
20 x 30

Three Pink Dahlias
36 x 24

Sunlight Dance
30 x 24

Splendid Elegance 52 x 70-5
52 x 70

Single Cherry Parfait Rose 20x20-195
20 x 20

Radiant Rose Quartet 24x48-295
24 x 48

Rose In The Shadows
20 x 20

Pale Pink Dahlia
36 x 40

Morning Rose
24 x 24

Katies Gladiola
36 x 18

30 x 24

Enchanting Irises
36 x 18

Delightful Dahlias
26 x 40

Captivation Cattleya
28 x 20

Cymbidiums in Love
21 x 43
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Featuring collections of art from Realism, Impressionism, Figurative, Abstract Art by Maeve Harris, Erica Hopper, Anne Packard, Anna Razumovskaya, Pietro Adamo, Pino, Jodi Maas, Gladys Morante, Charles Pabst, Garmash, Elaine Murphy, Jennifer Lister, Timothy O'Toole, Michael Rozenvain, Josef Kote, Andrew Atroshenko, Hessam Abrishami & Samir Sammoun

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